z7 Glide Shad


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(11/29/2021) Ordering is closed for the time being. If you are still waiting for your order to ship, please give us 3-4 more weeks as we continue catching up.  

The z5’s bigger brother, the z7. At 7 inches, the z7 Glide Shad betters your chances at catching bigger fish. It uses the same body profile as the z5; a thin, slender shape, much like that of a real Gizzard Shad. And, as with all Fish 30acre lures, we focus on hyper realistic details in our designs in hopes to give you the best opportunity to fool weary fish.

Its narrow body takes very minimal effort to create a buttery-smooth, wide glide. And, like the z5, the back section of the lure has wings that aid in its ability to stay stable during the glide.

You can expect a slow sinking bait with a custom formulated “XTD” resin outer shell (eXtremely Tough and Durable). This XTD resin is virtually shatterproof and allows flex in the thinner parts of the lure. Feel confident knowing your bait won’t chip when casted into rocks, docks, or trees. Its internal harness uses stainless steel components, attached with top-of-the-line split rings and Owner ST36 hooks.

The latest offering from Fish 30acre, the z7 Glide Shad.


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7 inches


2.5 ounces

sink rate

Slow Sink


Owner ST36 size 1