z5 Glide Shad


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The z5 Glide Shad. A lure like no other.

The first thing you will notice will be the side “wings” on the back section of the lure. The bait is a floater, but, these wings make it a crankdown glidebait. Meaning, on 12-pound test, you can get 3-4 feet of depth by adding reel thrusts to your retrieve. Furthermore, not only do these wings give it swimming depth, they also act as stabilizers for when you want to give it speed. You can burn the z5 as fast as you can without worry of the bait blowing out.

And at 5 inches, it is a common forage size for gamefish all across the nation. The profile is exact to a Threadfin Shad or Gizzard Shad, among other baitfish. But, on top of the realistic profile, the other dimensions are spot on. You will notice it a very thin, transparent body, that will make you wonder “is this a hard bait, or a soft bait”?

The cosmetic details of the z5 are as realistic as you can get in a fishing lure. That has come to be what Fish 30acre is known for. The material used aid in the realism, but also the durability. You will not have to worry about breaking or chipping the lure when casted on rocks, docks, bridge pillars, etc.

Crank it down around structure, stop it, allow it to slow rise right above your target zone, REPEAT. Burn it, kill it, allow it to nose up to the surface, REPEAT. Crank it down with reel thrusts and light rod jerks, REPEAT. Walk it, jerk it, REPEAT. Do all of these until the fish tell you what works best.

The z5 is a very finesse style glidebait. So, traditional swimbait gear will be too heavy. Recommended rod class would be a 7’2” MH moderate action on 12-15 pound test, preferably mono or copoly. Tying directly (and not using a clip) will allow the bait a little more fluidity in its glide. All baits come equipped with premium components and Owner hooks.



5 inches


7/8 ounce

sink rate

Slow Float




Owner ST-36 size 4