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(2/20/2022) Ordering shut down for the time being.

The X Glide is a beast of a glidebait. At a broad 9 inches, it’s made for trophy class fish with big appetites. The tall profile exactly mimics that of a real-life Gizzard Shad. This realism is what we at Fish 30acre continually focus on, but expect this new design to raise the bar even higher. It was designed to be fished slow and lethargic where one knows big fish prey. And being nearly the exact same density of 54 degree water, you can expect this bait to almost suspend at a pause. This will allow the bait to hover in place, giving you more time to fish in and around cover where big fish sit waiting to ambush. This is also why the ultra-realistic cosmetics are so important in a bait like this, you want to put everything in your favor to fool a smart, weary predator.

You may notice it having a super slow sink rate, or a super slow rise float, depending on the water temperature. You can adjust this by adding different hooks or split rings. But, out of the box, you get top of the line Owner hooks and stainless steel hardware. The X Glide is encapsulated with our custom formulated XTD resin (Xtremely Tough and Durable). So, feel confident casting this beast right into cover – it won’t break or chip.

If you’re purchasing a bait like this, then you already understand that a 6.5 ounce bait means business, so proper equipment is required to fish it. Utilize a heavy duty swimbait rod and reel to get the desired action.

A tall 9 inches and a robust 6.5 ounces. ***Dark Gizzard***


9 inches


6.5 ounces

sink rate

Super Slow Sink


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Owner ST36 size 2/0