Wake Shad


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(5/18/2023) Ordering is OPEN!! Lures are made to order and will be added to batches each week to week and a half. Early orders will be shipped in about a month. Timeframes depend on the number of pre-orders that come in, but we expect to finish everything in 2-3 months.

The Wake Shad. Probably the best wakebait you could ever fish. Perfect size. Perfect profile. Perfect action. Everything you could want, and then some. You will fall in love with this thing. You can fish it fast, you can fish is slow, it won’t blow out or dive down and will always continue waking just under the surface. Utilizing two different types of resin, the Wake Shad is nearly indestructible. You will also love the shape of this thing. It’s got a thicker head that thins out at the tail and will almost feel alive in your hand. You won’t want to stop fishing this thing, trust me.



6.5 inches


2 ounces


Natural Gizzard

Sink Rate



Owner ST-41 size 2