Wake Shad


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Removable rattle chamber. Magnetic hook hanger. Rubber sleeve to keep rear hook erect.

Ordering is shut down for now. Email for serious inquires.

Unlike any and all before it, the new Wake Shad from Fish 30acre stands out from the crowded subgenre of swimbaits, i.e. wakebaits. With originality being what we continually strive for, our version of a wakebait should be just that, original. And that it is.

First and foremost, you will notice the rattle chamber found in the rear of the main body section. This houses a large, single ball-bearing that, when retrieved, will knock louder than anything you’ve ever fished before.

Now, if it’s too loud and you’re wanting a quieter presentation, the brass insert is threaded, allowing you to remove one side with a flathead screwdriver. You can then replace the ball-bearing with smaller bb’s, glass or plastic beads, or remove it altogether for a silent wake.

The action is as on point as everything else. You can work it extremely slow, walk it, or burn it without fear of it blowing out. The large bill and magnetic belly hook hanger help to prevent hang-ups when being ran over top of heavy cover.

Realism has come to be what Fish 30acre is known for. This isn’t as important on a wakebait, but you can still expect true-to-life details; scales, gills, eyes, fins, everything. And expect zero hook rash due to the belly magnet and the rubberized sleeve that extends the rear hook towards the back of the lure.

The Fish 30acre Wake Shad needs to be a staple in your line-up. Fish it with confidence.


6.5 inches


2.5 ounces


Bruised Gizzard

Sink Rate



Owner ST-35 front size 1/0, Owner ST-36 back size 1