Shooter Shad


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The Bloody Threadfin color will come with a red feathered belly hook.


(7/29/2021) Ordering is closed for the time being as we focus on other designs.


The Shooter Shad.

First off, why “Shooter”? Well, the name relates to the type of action it gives off; a darting, or “shooting”, action. And this action is exactly how a Gizzard Shad or Threadfin Shad flees under stress. Couple this with the perfect, real-life profile of a shad, and what you get is the most realistic presentation you can show a fish to trigger a strike.

The Shooter Shad has a super slow sink rate with a horizontal fall that will suspend in colder water temperatures, or you can achieve this by adding smaller hooks, as well. It excels fished with quick, rapid jerks with sudden pauses mixed in. You can fish it that way fast, bulging just under the surface, or fish it slow, with random rips like a dying baitfish. Regardless of how you fish it, the strikes the Shooter Shad triggers are explosive.

You can expect the same level of detail put into the Shooter Shad as every other Fish 30acre lure before it. That is, an unmatched paintjob with hyper realistic attributes, unbreakable resin, stainless steel internal hardware, and premium Owner hooks. We continue to work at mastering our craft to give you the most realistic and durable fishing lure imaginable.

So, tie this thing on knowing that the fish you are aiming at catching will have no idea it’s fake.


4.5 inches


3/4 ounces


Primo Threadfin, Bloody Threadfin, Candy Shad, Fire Shad

Sink Rate

Super Slow Sink


Owner ST-36 size 6