Shadow Walker


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At 8 inches and 5 ounces, the Shadow Walker is a beast of a topwater walking lure. At rest, it will float with a slightly tail down posture. Added rod pops and twitches will allow the bait to slash left and right, while longer pulls of the rod will give it more distance on the glide out. On a quicker retrieve, you can make the Shadow Walker lean left and right and slash up to 2 feet in either direction.

Designed and formed from a real Gizzard Shad body, and, like all Fish 30acre products, impeccable realism and detail were added to give you the best opportunity to fool skittish fish.

Premium hooks and hardware are added. Each lure is made from a custom formulated, solid core resin, housing a stainless steel harness, made to handle giant gamefish.

Heavy duty equipment is recommended, and testing was done primarily using 65# braid and tying direct to the bait.


Green Gizzard

Sink Rate



8 inches


5 ounces


Owner ST-41 size 1/0