Money Shad


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(3/15/2023) Ordering is shut down. All previous orders are being worked on, with hopes to have everything shipped within a month. Please, email or message us on social if you have questions about where your pre-order is in the que.

Introducing what very well could be the most realistic fishing lure ever created. A bold statement, for sure, but when looking over every characteristic of the Money Shad, it’s hard to deny. Each aspect of the design was aimed at giving the fisherman the most hyper-realistic fishing lure imaginable. Scroll down for more details… 


6 inch model:

First and foremost, the profile of the 6 inch Money Shad is exact to a full-grown Threadfin Shad or Blueback Herring; a long, narrow body. On top of the realistic profile, the scale, gill, and fin details are impeccable. This creates a clean and uniform skin across the body that allows our taxidermy paint details to really stand out. When inspecting the details, you will notice that each and every scale has its own color and shine, allowing light to reflect and refract individually on the lure.

With its double jointed, 3 segmented body, the 6 inch Money Shad has an aggressive thumping action, more so than other multi-jointed swimbaits. The elongated front segment creates a looser wobble and heavier back and forth as you crank it in. Reel it slow, and it will have a looser wobble. Give it speed, and the swim will get tighter, much like a fleeing baitfish. The sink rate is what we consider moderate, and has the ability to be fished fast or slow, erratic, or constant. 

Wedgetail: The wedgetail version may have the most realistic action of the 3 versions. It’s fleeing tail thumps back and forth and will push the direction of the shad slightly left or right on the retrieve.

8 inch model:

The larger Money Shad was designed with one thing in mind; look like a Gizzard Shad. This is the second generation of this model, advancing on every aspect of the original. The action is better. The look is better. The paint is better. The construction is better. Essentially, what you have is a complete revamp of the original design.

The 8 inch model is slow sink, and has a more lethargic action than its little brother. You can expect a bait that will hover in place longer, slightly nose down, with slower left or right head pushes you can manipulate with reel cranks. Added reel thrusts create a more erratic action, if so desired. 

All models can be run at any speed, slow to fast. When giving it speed, using the reel (vs rod rips) will give you a uniform, upright retrieve that won’t blow out. The 6 inch was made to be fished faster than the 8 inch model.  Lastly, fish them with confidence, knowing that you will have little to worry about in regard to its durability. The Money Shad are made using a custom formulated, industry first, XTD (eXtremely Tough and Durable) resin. If you accidently cast it onto rocks, docks, trees, or bridge pilings, it will return safely back to you with no chips or broken parts to the resin. The body of the lure also houses a strong, stainless steel wire harness that will give you the peace of mind horsing in heavy gamefish.


Every. Single. Aspect. Of the Money Shad is…. Well… MONEY.



6 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch Wedgetail


1.5 ounces / 3 ounces

Sink Rate

Moderate Sink / Slow Sink


Blueback Herring, Mature Threadfin, Bloody Shad, Light Gizzard, Dark Gizzard


Owner ST-36 size 2 front, size 4 back (size 2 for 8")