Glide Shad


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Ordering shut down for the fall. Inquire via email or social media.

The next generation Glide Shad is finally here. Over the course of more than a year, your feedback and critique created the version you see here today. And what you can expect is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

First and foremost, what you will notice is the realism. This is the most realistic glidebait you can fish, bar none. This hyper-realism is something we continually focus on at Fish 30acre. And with each design that is created, more advancements and upgrades are made to better fool fish into thinking it’s the real thing. Every detail of the Glide Shad is top-notch, with no exceptions; from every scale having its own sheen, to the transparency of the fins.

But, the realism doesn’t stop at just the cosmetics. The action is something to behold as well. You will find the Glide Shad has a very fluid, easy glide to it. The lethargic back and forth glide has subtle turns, not mechanical, like many other glidebaits. The near zero rate of fall (suspending) will allow you to fish it very slow and keep it in and around any structure you want. With a bait this realistic, you want it to stay in the fish’s view as long as possible. You will also find that it will glide, literally, as slow as you can reel it. This bait was made to be fished slow and methodical, but give it more speed, or add in reel thrusts, you can manipulate the Glide Shad any which way you deem fit.

With everything else being checked off the list, what’s left? Durability. Fish the Glide Shad with confidence knowing that it’s basically indestructible. We use a custom formulated, shatterproof resin that won’t break or chip casting into trees, rocks, docks, whatever. And with upgraded paint and clear, aided by the belly magnet, you will see limited hook rash. Thus, ensuring your paintjob stays clean and clear as long as possible.

With everything the new Glide Shad offers, you’ll want to make sure to add one to your arsenal.

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8 inches


4.5 ounces

sink rate

Super Slow Sink


Primo Gizzard, Golden Shiner, Sexy Shad


Owner ST-35 size 1/0 front. ST-36 size 1 back