Dirty Shad


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(3/17/2023) We have a limited number of slots available for each color. We are doing it this way due to the current backlog of orders. If you purchase now, expect a 2-4 week wait for your order to ship. Once we are caught up on all orders, we will be doing limited drops of these 3 colors above, plus special edition colors moving forward. So, if you want a bait and see it’s in stock – order. That’s your only guarantee of getting one.  

The Dirty Shad: Fish 30acre’s most popular and most productive lure over the last decade. Up until now there were three generations. Today, we start a new chapter and the biggest upgrade to date – generation four.

This new Dirty Shad will continue being a staple in your line-up, trust us. We made sure to keep it as close to the last generation as possible though; no need to change too much of a good thing. Now – made with a much more sophisticated and intricate 3D body. This new 3D design allows us to reproduce on a bigger scale with better consistency. The redesign also gives us a much better canvas to apply our hyper-realistic paint details to – something you’ll notice right away.

In terms of action, rest assured. The new Dirty Shad has a refined and easy swimming action to it, much like the last model. You can fish it basically any way you want to. There’s an ease to it that is exceptionally gratifying when cranked through the water. And with a moderate sink rate, it allows you to cover a broader range of water.

With more and more companies creating their designs from 3D models, know that Fish 30acre stands above all in terms of realism. You simply won’t find something more realistic. And it’s a never-ending process to be better than we were yesterday. Good luck, and tight lines!

Beat Up Green Gizzard Color


7 inches


1.8 ounces

sink rate

Moderate Sink


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