Chopper Shad


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If sold out, continue checking back in. Limited batches will be made week to week.

Introducing the next generation Chopper Shad; a refined and remodeled successor.

We continually seek originality at Fish 30acre, and the new Chopper Shad is no different. The new rear prop set up is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Clipped onto the prop is a #3 sized Colorado blade that, when retrieved, plops and splashes as it is spun around the propeller. This gives it a unique sound, but also gives it flash. You can remove this blade and fish it more subtle, or replace the blade with different sizes/styles to achieve different sounds and splashes.

The Chopper Shad floats with the tail slightly down, allowing the fish to see the ultra-realistic paint and profile, with the red flash of the feathered treble hook giving it a wounded appearance.

A belly magnet is added to keep the Owner ST-35 hook pinned to the lure, thus preventing hook rash. This hook has a 150 degree bend between two of the three hook points that allow it to sit flush against the bottom of the bait. Attached to the nose of the bait, via split ring, is a 65 pound stainless steel ball bearing swivel. This swivel helps keep the bait keeled while allowing the rear prop to spin freely as it retrieved.

The Chopper Shad is sure to be a valuable asset to your fishing arsenal. Get one while you can!


Bruised Gizzard

Sink Rate



7 inches total


1.3 ounces


Owner ST-35 size 1 front. VMC size 2 back.