Oftentimes, attempts are made to recreate nature in its best form. We at Fish 30acre aren’t claiming to have hit perfection, but it is something we continually strive for. The dimensions, texture and movement created through our process allows us to get as close to Mother Nature as we can. We paint in steps using multiple layers and colors. Using these techniques, we have created the most realistic artificial baits on the market today.

“All lures are designed and painted by me, Ryan Thirtyacre. I have been a hardcore fisherman my whole life and have been creating baits for over a decade now. My goal is to give you the most realistic looking and acting fishing lure available.”

  • Custom formulated, high quality resin and top-of-the-line stainless steel internal components.
  • Owner hooks and heavy duty split rings.
  • Painted using the same styles and techniques used for taxidermy.
  • Premium, high grade clear coat.

Ryan Thirtyacre, Owner