Wakin’ Gill


You voted for it, we shared the progress, now here it is; the all new Wakin’ Gill, Fish 30acre’s first topwater lure. For months the lure was tuned, tested and refined. Over the course of that time, many different lips, lip material, and lip angle were tried and tested. The final fiberboard lip gives the bait proper waking action, while also amplifying the frequency of the “clacking” sound, whereas a thick lexan lip only deadens that sound. Another triggering action is the way the bait will “search” or “hunt” upon retrieve. On a straight and steady, medium retrieve, the Wakin’ Gill will swim a small degree to the left or to the right at unspecific times before turning back, all on its own. This action is due, in part, to the design of the joint and appropriate ballasting. The Wakin’ Gill comes in many different taxidermy paint schemes that should cover the wide variety of bluegills found in water all across the United States. *Tuning to allow the bait to swim more left or more right can be done by simply bending the line tie ever so slightly left or right.

  • Fiberboard lip amplifies clacking sound
  • Large coffin-cut lip helps to prevent snags when fished around structure
  • Stainless steel internal hardware
  • Taxidermy paint techniques
  • High grade automotive clear coat
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Weight 1.25 oz
Dimensions 4.75 in

Natural Gill, Light Gill, Dirty Gill, Sunny, Midnight


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