Baby Gill


  • A Largemouth Bass’s main forage is Bluegill, and the new Fish 30acre Baby Gill is duplicated from just that, a real life Bluegill.
  • It has the most realistic profile of any Bluegill bait on the market today.
  • A simple and very effective bait made to catch fish of all sizes.
  • Fish it fast or fish it slow, the body stays true and upright as the tail thumps heavy back and forth.
  • On the fall, the lure will drop slightly nose down as the tail flutters back and forth.
  • The Baby Gill will stand upright on the bottom with the nose pointed slightly downward.
  • Like all Fish 30acre lures, the paint techniques used offer unmatched realism in a fishing lure.
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Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 4 in
Sink Rate

Sinking Model Only (for now)


Size 4 Owner ST-41 front hook, Size 6 Owner ST-36 back hook


Midnight Black, Bluegill, Crappie